Bergen Airport, Flesland

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Bergen Airport - Bus

Bergen Flesland Airport has very good transportation options for passengers to get to their end destinations.You can choose different kind of transfer from Bergen Flesland Airport to Bergen City Centre.

Airport bus (service by Flybussen)
The trip takes approximately 30 minutes. The Airport Express Coach stops just outside the arrival area).
The airport bus take two routes to and from the Bergen city centre. Departures from the airport via Nesttun depart every half hour. Departures from the airport via Oasen/Fyllingsdalen leave at quarter past and quarter to the hour. On Saturdays all buses go via Nesttun. Buses depart every 15 minutes between 06.00 a.m. and 21.00 p.m. on weekdays (Saturdays – every 20 minutes).
The earliest departure is at 3:50 a.m. and the latest return follows the flights. For late night arrivals the bus will depart approximately 20 minutes after the plane has landed.
Ticket prices: Children 50/80 NOK (one-way / return) | Adult 100 /160 NOK (one-way / return).

Local buses
The 23 bus service also stops at Bergen Airport Flesland.
The 45 bus: Flesland airport – Loddefjord – Sotra/Askøy.
The 523 bus: Flesland airport – Bergen centre/Festplassen via Søreide.

Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen)
You can also take the shuttle bus to the Light Rail. It leaves every ten minute.