Bergen Airport, Flesland

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Bergen Airport - Duty Free

You have an opportunity to buy duty-free goods on arrival in Bergen airport. Use the opportunity to buy something at the Bergen airport’s duty free store during international departures and arrivals. The duty free store has a wide selection of alcohol, cosmetics, tobacco, chocolate and perfumes. The store is always open. Remember that you need to present travel documentation (boarding cards or tickets) in order to buy duty free goods, also upon arrival. Be sure to retain your travel documentation for the entire duration of the trip. You may buy duty free goods during international departures and arrivals.

Duty Free shop Phone : +47 98 25 31 48

Duty Free and luxury boutiques at this airport include:
- 7Eleven;
- Lille Bergen;
- ARG Fashion Men/Women;
- Hansatorget Pub;
- Millibar;
- Duty Free;
- Fjords + Pronto;
- Fresh & Tasty;
- Tanum Bookstore;
- Hansatorget Cafe;
- Luftens Baron;
- Narvesen;
- Pronto Pronto.